Are you negatively affected by food addiction? Find out by taking the following quiz.
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Eat when not hungry.

Go on eating binges for no apparent reason.

Have feelings of guilt after overeating.

Spend a lot of time and thought on food.

Look forward to time spent eating alone.

Plan binges ahead of time.

Eat sensibly in front of others, but make up for it when alone.

Weight is affecting your lifestyle and life.

Tried dieting, but quit or fall short of goal.

Resent others who tell you to use a little will power to stop overeating.

Believe you can diet on your own whenever you wish, despite contrary evidence.

Crave to eat at a time other than mealtime.

Eat to escape worries/troubles.

Treated for obesity or food-related condition.

Your eating behavior makes others unhappy.

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