Take the quiz to learn if you are addicted to drugs.
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Use drugs for other than medical reasons.

Use multiple drugs at the same time.

Use drugs more than once a week.

Abuse prescription drugs

Has tried to stop, but coould not.

Feel ashamed or guilty after using drugs.

Relationship with friends/family is distant.

Spend more time with drugging friends.

Family/friends have spoken to you about your drug use.

Family/friends complain about you using drugs.

Gotten into fights while under the influence of drugs.

Challenges keeping a job.

Got into trouble or had problems at work.

Arrested for illegal drug possession.

Participate in illegal activities in order to get drugs.

Experience withdrawal symptoms or feel sick without drugs.

Experience blackouts.

Experience medical problems due to drug use.

Have tried to get help for drug use.

Received treatment for drug abuse.

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